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Sample Image of VirtuaGirl Zafira Dove Feather Gallery
VirtuaGirl Zafira

Long slender legs and sweet buttery thighs make Zafira a perfect specimen from the waist down. If you look at a lady’s legs first when you first meet her then Zafira is the model who will always keep you satisfied. Legs like long sweet luscious lollipops!

Origins: Budapest / Hungary - Age: 26

Height: 5.6 - Weight: 121 - Vital statistics: 34/24/34

Categories: Lingerie, Stockings, High Heels, Shaved, Big Boobs, Brunette, European

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Sample Image of VirtuaGirl Blue Angel Work Experience Gallery
VirtuaGirl Blue Angel

Seeing a girl as pretty as Blue Angel out on the street or shopping for the holidays in some local store is often all it takes to spawn a million fantasies in your mind before you get back home! Now those thoughts become reality as she takes you deep into erotic desires with a thick dildo that's perfect for showing off her sexual skills!

Origins: Budapest / Hungary - Age: 23

Height: 5.51 - Weight: 106 - Vital statistics: 30/24/36

Categories: High Heels, Skirts, Shaved, Tiny Tits, Blonde, European

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Sample Image of VirtuaGirl Gracy-Ann Onyx Gallery
VirtuaGirl Gracy-Ann

Gracy-Ann may stand a modest 5'5" but she never goes out in anything less than two inch heels. She has a major shoe fetish and is known on set to always have the sexiest footwear going. Gracy-Ann has perfect B-cup breasts and a slamming body that gets her noticed everywhere she goes. She admits to loving the attention of men and getting a sexual thrill from dancing for them live.

Origins: Capetown / South africa - Age: 20

Height: 5.51 - Weight: 117 - Vital statistics: 32/26/34

Categories: Lingerie, Stockings, Naked Feet, Tiny Tits, Skinny, Tattoos, Piercing, Trimmed, Brunette, European

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Sample Image of VirtuaGirl Mandy Dee Velvet Kiss Gallery
VirtuaGirl Mandy Dee

Russia has become a hot-bed of erotic talent recently and nobody personifies that move toward sensuality better than Ms. Mandy Dee! A 21 year old petite Russian doll who is capable of the most electrifyingly athletic moves. See her in action any time you want an amazing sexual distraction from the normal girls you meet!

Origins: Saint Petersburg / Russia - Age: 22

Height: 5.41 - Weight: 115 - Vital statistics: 30/24/35

Categories: High Heels, Shaved, Big Boobs, Blonde, European

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Sample Image of the VirtuaGirl Sarah Student Party Gallery
VirtuaGirl Sarah

Welcome gorgeous British beauty Sarah as she flips her long brunette hair and shakes her dangerous curves to the harmonious yet erotic music she's dancing to. Sarah will make you feel like she's dancing a private dance just for you as you witness her exotic and highly sensual moves, exuding charm, passion and an overwhelmingly seductive presence.

Origins: London / United kingdom - Age: 21

Height: 5.28 - Weight: 115 - Vital statistics: 35/24/35

Categories: High Heels, Student, Big Boobs, Piercing, Trimmed, Brunette, European

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Recently Added Videos

Kristel sexy video making of - Kristel

You're dreaming of an exotic island with white sand, a deep blue see and palm trees everywhere. You're also dreaming of a place packed with gorgeous horny babies? Well, Mauritius is the right place to go to. I have to say that we are very liberated people and usually like to share with others, especially with young and sexy guys from the US or Europe. We got so much to learn from each others. Feel like a little pop to my island?
Yasmine sexy video making of - Yasmine

The other I was in club dancing for a bunch of business men who were celebrating one of their collegue's wedding. This was a great evening. At the beginning, the guy was thinking "It's just one of these stupid striptease..." and at the end he sounded more like "I hope nobody took pictures of me and this young lady dancing naked on my laps". The guy even invited me to his place. I'm not going to tell you what I answered...
Valentina sexy video making of - Valentina

A nice round pair of boobs is the ultimate dream of most men. I'm sure you agree with that! Well, I think I have everything you need then... The funny thing is that when I tried to become a fashion model, everybody was telling me that I was not tall enough and that my boobs were too big. The other funny thing is that now that I'm in the softcore modelling everybody wants to shoot me because I have a nice pair, a delicious and round ass and a silky skin... People are so strange!
Terry sexy video making of - Terry

love clothes! I could spend days and days shopping and try clothes in front of my mirror! I have the feeling that the better I feel in the clothes I wear, the more confident I am and the easier I attrack men eyes... If my clothes don't do it, my eyes will, by the way... enjoy my show!
Stacy Silver hot sexy video making of - Stacy Silver

Know why I like to strip for horny guys like you? Well, pretty simple. Some of you guys must have seen me in different movies and noticed that teasing is my thing. I like to see and feel desire in your eyes, undress very slowly so that you're dying to discover what I got for you... and I got a lot to give! So, when things come to action my appetite is as great as yours and all fantasies are welcome. Gosh I'm so horny now...

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